Patient Reviews

I highly recommend Annalis! She is very reliable and responds immediately every time! She is flexible as well since I had to reschedule twice and she makes the process so easy. Annalis helped me with weaning from exclusively breastfeeding and helped me understand what was going on from the inside out. She makes it make sense! I really appreciate her demeanor and the way she handles my baby as well. She is so loving and gentle! I love Annalis! You can rely on her!

Maria F. | Mar 23, 2024
She is amazing ! My whole family and myself took a class with her and she taught us so much! Thanks to her we all learned so much before the baby was here.

Jennifer D. | Mar 19, 2024
My brother and sister in law had been expecting their fist child and we as a family decided we wanted to do a baby care class and I knew Annalis would be the best person! The baby care class was SPECTACULAR! As a couple we each got to practice with a baby! We learned so many different things! I know what she taught us was just the surface! She is very knowledgeable on all things baby, breast feeding, and over all helping the future Mother to be!

Martha D. | Mar 19, 2024
Not only did Annalis help me with breastfeeding 101, she helped me wean off of breastfeeding when my baby and I were ready! A time that I once feared became so easy and comfortable. She had allll the right tips and tricks! She checked in on me, answered all my crazy questions, and helped me feel myself again. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Cecily E. | Mar 18, 2024
Annalis is absolutely phenomenol! From the moment I met her I felt peace. She made me feel safe and made me feel confident in myself and kept my eye on the prize. Annalis is extremely knowledgeable too! She knows soooo much she blew my mind! If it weren’t for her, I would not have survived breastfeeding. I highly recommend her!!! Momma’s hurry and get latched! You won’t regret it!!

Ana R. | Mar 14, 2024