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About Telehealth

At Latched, patients in and around Miami, Florida, can find comfortable and encouraging breastfeeding support via telehealth. International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and registered nurse Annalis de Armas RN, IBCLC, offers telehealth visits to provide personalized care whenever and wherever you need it. The practice understands the unique needs of new parents, and telehealth allows them to provide support and guidance for many concerns. Call Latched or request an appointment online today.

Telehealth Q&A

How can telehealth help new parents?

Navigating parenthood can be overwhelming, especially for new parents. The telehealth services available at Latched bring the team’s expertise directly to you. Here are some ways telehealth can assist:

Support for Breastfeeding Concerns

Your international board-certified lactation consultant can address breastfeeding challenges, provide guidance on latching techniques, and offer valuable tips for successful breastfeeding.

Newborn Care Education

Learn about newborn care essentials, from diapering and bathing to recognizing signs of common newborn issues. The practice’s telehealth sessions cover a range of topics to ensure you feel confident in caring for your baby.

What can I expect during a telehealth appointment?

Telehealth appointments with Latched are designed to be convenient and supportive. Here’s what you can expect:

Convenient scheduling

Easily schedule a telehealth appointment at a time that suits you, eliminating the need for travel and wait times. Latched’s online platform ensures a hassle-free experience.

Personalized consultation

Receive personalized care and attention during your telehealth appointment. Discuss your concerns, ask questions, and receive expert advice tailored to your unique situation.

Secure and private sessions

Rest assured that Latched prioritizes your privacy. All sessions are conducted securely to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information.

What conditions can be addressed in a telehealth visit?

Latched telehealth visits cover a range of conditions and concerns commonly faced by new parents:

Breastfeeding challenges

Address issues such as latching difficulties, low milk supply, or nipple pain through virtual consultations with our certified lactation consultant.

Newborn care guidance

Receive guidance on common newborn care concerns, such as feeding schedules, sleep patterns, and recognizing signs of illness.

Telehealth services provide a convenient and accessible way to receive expert guidance and support. Book your telehealth appointment with Latched today and confidently embark on your parenting journey.

How It Works

Ask us about purchasing packages as a gift for friends and family.
Baby Care Class

With Latched, our Baby Care Class provides parents with essential knowledge and information about newborn care. The class covers topics such as, what to expect in the hospital, feeding, diapering, bathing, soothing techniques, and infant health and safety. By attending our class, parents will gain confidence in their ability to care for their baby's basic needs. This class may be enjoyed by a single couple or can include the whole family, it's up to you!

What's Included: • Two hour baby care class instructed by a Registered Nurse
• CPR & Choking recommendations • Latched baby care book with detailed topics
• Latched CPR & choking demo baby to practice • Latched demo baby to practice
• Swaddle • Diaper

Pricing: • Baby Care Class: $300 for 1 couple or 2 people
• Add another couple for $50.00 • Max amount of 6 couples or 12 people
• Contact us for larger groups
Travel Fee: Greater than 20 miles $25.00
Prenatal Lactation Consult

A prenatal lactation consultation is highly recommended for parents-to-be as it provides essential knowledge and support to prepare for successful breastfeeding. During the consultation, parents can learn about proper latch and positioning, understand how to assess if their baby is getting enough milk, and address any concerns or challenges they may have. The lactation consultant can provide personalized guidance based on the parent's unique circumstances, such as inverted nipples or previous breast surgery. By taking a prenatal lactation consultation with Latched, parents can gain confidence, establish breastfeeding goals, and create a plan for a positive breastfeeding experience from the very beginning.

What's Included:
• 1.5 hours prenatal lactation consultation by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
• Latched prenatal book with detailed topics not included

Pricing: • Initial prenatal lactation consultation: $250.00
• Follow up consultations $175.00
• Telehealth initial consultation $150.00 • Telehealth follow up consultation $100.00
• Check your insurance coverage
Travel Fee: Greater than 20 miles $25.00
Postnatal Lactation Consult 

A postnatal lactation consultation is highly beneficial for parents who may be experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding or need guidance on various aspects of lactation. The lactation consultant at Latched can provide valuable support and advice on addressing latching difficulties, ensuring a good milk supply, and using proper breastfeeding positions to optimize comfort and milk transfer. They can also offer strategies to manage engorgement, alleviate sore nipples, and troubleshoot common breastfeeding challenges. Additionally, a postnatal lactation consultation can provide assistance and guidance on weaning when the time comes. Overall, this consultation can be instrumental in helping parents overcome obstacles and establish a successful and enjoyable breastfeeding journey.

What's Included: • 1.5 hours postnatal lactation consultation by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Pricing: • Initial postnatal lactation consultation: $250.00
• Follow up consultations $175.00
• Check your insurance coverage
• Hospital visit $200.00 not covered by insurance
Travel Fee: Greater than 20 miles $25.00


What's Included: 
• Baby Care Class    • Prenatal Lactation Consultation
What's Included: • Baby care class
• Prenatal lactation consultPostnatal lactation consult
• Does not include the "added coupled" for baby care class
What's Included: • Prenatal lactation consultPostnatal lactation consult.
Pricing: •$400 •Packages not covered by insurance Travel Fee: Greater than 20 miles $25.00

The Liquid Gold Package 2.0
What is included :
Initial visit
3 follow up visits